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Welcome to JLM Dental Studios, where innovative dental technology meets personalized care! Our dental practice is dedicated to providing our patients with exceptional dental solutions using the latest advancements in technology. Led by Smyrna, GA dentist Dr. Jarrett Manning, our team is committed to staying at the forefront of the industry, so you’ll receive the highest standard of care for all your dental needs.

Explore our Smyrna dentist’s helpful guide on dental technology and learn how we integrate the latest advancements into our treatments.

Our Dental Technology at JLM Dental Studios

iTero® Intraoral Cameras: See the Unseen

With advanced iTero Intraoral Cameras, we bring a new level of precision and clarity to dental exams at our Smyrna dental office. These tiny cameras capture high-definition images of your teeth and gums, allowing Dr. Manning to identify even the most minuscule dental issues that may otherwise go unnoticed. By visualizing the problem areas with remarkable detail, we can devise targeted treatment plans to address your specific dental concerns.

3D Cone Beam Imaging: A Clearer Picture

At JLM Dental Studios, our Smyrna dentist uses 3D cone beam imaging (CBCT) to obtain detailed 3D images of your teeth, jawbone, and surrounding structures. This advanced imaging technique aids in the planning of complex oral surgeries. By visualizing your oral structures in three dimensions, we can precisely evaluate your dental health and create comprehensive treatment plans that best address your needs.

Digital Impressions: Comfortable and Accurate

Bid farewell to messy traditional dental impressions. At JLM Dental Studios, digital impression technology creates precise, comfortable, and accurate impressions of the teeth and gums. By using a handheld scanner, we can capture a detailed digital model of your mouth in minutes. This technology not only eliminates the need for uncomfortable putty-like materials but also ensures more accurate results, leading to better-fitting restorations and a more pleasant patient experience.

Medit FastScan Scanner

The Medit FastScan scanner is another cutting-edge dental scanning device that captures highly accurate digital impressions of patients’ teeth and gums, providing dentists with precise 3D models. This advanced scanning technology uses structured light and blue light scanning for fast and efficient scanning, allowing dentists to obtain accurate impressions quickly.

Dentists can review and manipulate the digital models using specialized dental software, which provides tools for diagnosis, treatment planning, and creating restorations like inlays and onlays.

Orthodontic Simulation

Orthodontic simulation is a process used in dentistry to predict and visualize the outcome of orthodontic treatment before it’s complete. It involves using specialized software and 3D imaging technology to create virtual models of a patient’s teeth and simulate the movement and alignment of the teeth during treatment.

Digital Smile Design

Smile design technology is computer software and imaging technology that digitally creates and visualizes a patient’s potential smile makeover before they undergo any dental procedures. It allows Dr. Manning and our patients to explore different treatment options, predict outcomes, and make informed decisions regarding dentistry procedures.

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